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Living Room

  • Click to enlarge and view details.
  • This a Turn-Key project.
  • Absolutely everything was purchasd ( & or ) designed and placed by R.F.
Renee Finberg Interiors

Living Room Detail

  • Each picture that is framed is actually a poster cut down to a square size.
  • The frames are beautiful and were a bit costly. 
  • Because of this , the Jazz Singer grouping give the impression of being extremely collectible.

  • Floor Lamp was purchased on Rue Jacob, and shipped on a container back to the USA.
  • It is bronze
  • The lamp shade was custom designed by me and manufactured in Ft. Lauderdale.

Renee Finberg Interiors
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Study For A Surgeon

This is a space that I am particularly proud of.

This was a challenging job. This was actually a very small area, that was originally part of a master bedroom which was closed off. This client wanted me to give him an office and a guest room out of the space. The space was less that 10 feet wide and 10 feet long.
The Challenge-
  • The entire build it that you see is a 3 wall wrap around.
  • On the left side of the picture you will see a tall bank of file drawers,it is really a custom pull down bed ( like a Murphy ) It is tight, but it fits. 
  •  ' Voila !' A Guest Room ! 
  • The chair was purchased in Paris , and  original French Deco.
  • The window treatment and chair fabric coordinate, as does the carpet which I designed and manufactured to match as well.
  • The finish on the build-in was all applied by hand, I sat at the manufacturers for hours, until it was just what I wanted. 
  • All hardware , I think, makes the piece !
Renee Finberg Interiors
Fon: 561.271.7583 Country Code: 01

Private Elevator Entrance

Private Entrance at The Palms in Ft. Lauderdale.
This small room was a very difficult shape.
I needed a specially shaped carpet. I designed this one.
The clients initial is in the center , when you exit the elevator , you will see the 'U'.

  • The walls have been hand painted.
  • They are also covered in the lyrics of some of Frank Sinatra's most popular songs. They are written in French.
  • The Client was an avid golfer, hence the vintage golf bag.
  • These elegant planters and the floral arrangements were needed to add 'importance'.
  • The doors that open to the apartment and face the elevator door, are mirrored with wood molding applied over the mirror.

  • There are Baci balls on the deco entrance chest.
  • The phone is from the 1920's - Paris France
  • The Mirror is French Art Deco , it was purchased by me in Paris, along with many other items for this project.
Renee Finberg Interiors
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Living Rooms

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Kitchen Looks

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More Bedrooms

Pick a look.
I can do it.

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Master Bedroom - At The Palms In Ft. Lauderdale

  • The ceiling is antique silvered & gold embossed wallpaper applied to the ceiling.
  • Carpet matches the lining of bedding- see turn back.
  • 3 tiny pendant light fixtures on dimmers provide light to read by while in bed.
  • Bed is a delicate iron -  shaped bamboo frame with an upholstered headboard and box spring to match. Upholstery is a small geometric check in emerald & black.
  • Canopy and bedding is a cafe silk Shantung.
  • Serpentine night stand/dresser is a custom piece from the design center made of darkest walnut, with details inside of each drawer for easier storage.
  • Serpentine mirror frame to mimic dresser, and in an antiqued silver finish.
  • Walls are an bottle green.
Renee Finberg Interiors
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Kitchen ( The Palms )

  • The walls in this kitchen were hand checked with Copper Foil .
  • Click to enlarge and examine.

Renee Finberg Interiors
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Powder Room At The Palms In Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Louis Armstrong Ring A bell

  • This client's favorite song is 'It's A Wonderful Life', sung by Louis Armstrong.
  • I had the walls hand painted with the words and music of this song. 
  • There is also a painting ( in  Mr. Armstrong's likeness ) bought in Paris just over the toilet, you can see it reflected in the Paris mirror over the sink. 
  • The bathroom door was later mirrored , so that it reflected the words and music.
  • This also helped the door to virtually disappear.
  • When you opened the door, the very song 'It's A Wonderful Life' , sung by Mr. Armstrong , would play.
  • The trumpets are are suspended via fishing wire from the ceiling.
  • And I have cable lighting on dimmers.
  • Click on picture to see all details, including words and music.
Renee Finberg Interiors
Fon: 561.271.7583 Country Code: 01

Guest Bedroom At Woodfield Country Club In Boca Raton, Florida

  • The headboard is a floor screen that I reworked into a wall mounted headboard.
  • I had purchased this very screen for their previous home and I did not want to discard it.
  • I then built the treatment around it with built in lighting, for reading in bed.
  • The windows in this room are not arched, I had arched cornices made to give this illusion. All trim and fabrics match; the bed drapery treatment, windows and dust-ruffle.
  • Everything else was purchased at antique, and consignment stores. This includes every single thing you see in the picture.
  • Bedding- Ralph Lauren from Bloomingdale's.

Renee Finberg Interiors

Foyer At Woodfield Country Club In Boca Raton, Florida

Master Bedroom Entrance

This home was a published home in Palm Beach Illustrated Magazine.
  • What you can not see above, is the huge, yet very delicate gold and crystal Italian Chandelier. It is all thin vines and leaves with crackled crystals hanging from the leaves. 
  • The settee is from a consignment store, and recovered in this silk fabric.
  • The pedestals and urns are also from consignment stores.

RENEE FINBERG Interiors  Fon:561.271.7583  Country Code:01


Media Room

Converted Media Room

  • This was originally a breakfast room.
  • The sofas were custom pieces that I had made without arms, I gained 18 " on either end of the sofa where an arm would normally go.
  • Turn-Key Project
Renee Finberg Interiors

What I Can Do For You

  • I do Complete TURN-KEY projects.
  • Do you have a Vacation Home ?
  • I can have it Furnished and Ready For LIVING .
  • No frustration or time lost for you.
  • All linens, flat wear, dishes, and everything will be as perfect as a movie set.
  • Just bring your toothbrush, don't worry the toothpaste of your choice will be waiting for you.
  • No project too small , I do homes from South Miami to North palm Beach.
  • Do You Just Need window treatments ?
  • A design problem or questions ? I am available for you.
  • I can design your space through the convenience of the Internet as well. I have done many homes using pictures, and floor plans with excellent results.
  • Just give me a ring, all info on my sidebar under my picture.
Renee Finberg Interiors
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Royal Palm Home

As you might imagine this was a joyful project.
We had fun.

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Royal Palm Home - Designed by Renee Finberg in Boca Raton at 'The Trade'


Children's Guest Room

  • This Guest room has a beautiful view of the inter-coastal waterway.
  • The roams shades were designed and manufactured by my workroom.
  • Everything is coordinated, window fabrics, bedding , pillows , carpet and wall covering.
  • The artwork pieces are MONKEYS beautifully framed .

  • Everything is playful, and the is MONKEY.
  • The desk chair even has tiny monkeys woven into the fabric.
  • The garbage can is MONKEY
  • All case goods were done in the Brighton Pavilion Tradition, designed and mfg. by RF.
  • Beds were trundles

  • Tissue box is MONKEY
  • Tape Dispenser too.
  • The lamp is a palm tree with a MONKEY climbing up it

  •                                                    Monkeys Everywhere

Renee Finberg Interiors
Fon:561.271.7583  Country Code:01

Master Bedroom - Woodfield C.C. Boca Raton, Florida

  • The draperies are antique linen velvet ( taupe )
  • Draperies are motorized
  • Paintings were collected custom framed by RF
  • Chandelier and table lamp between chairs from Paris

  • All Bedding designed and manufactured by RF
  • Fresh Flowers are a must
  • This room was a Turn Key Project as most are that have been featured on this site,

Renee Finberg Interiors