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All Custom mfg , Lighting, Draperies, Rugs , Sourcing Antiques & Fine Art


What I Can Do For You

  • I do Complete TURN-KEY projects.
  • Do you have a Vacation Home ?
  • I can have it Furnished and Ready For LIVING .
  • No frustration or time lost for you.
  • All linens, flat wear, dishes, and everything will be as perfect as a movie set.
  • Just bring your toothbrush, don't worry the toothpaste of your choice will be waiting for you.
  • No project too small , I do homes from South Miami to North palm Beach.
  • Do You Just Need window treatments ?
  • A design problem or questions ? I am available for you.
  • I can design your space through the convenience of the Internet as well. I have done many homes using pictures, and floor plans with excellent results.
  • Just give me a ring, all info on my sidebar under my picture.
Renee Finberg Interiors
561.271.7583 Boca Raton, Florida USA Country Code: o1