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Powder Room At The Palms In Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Louis Armstrong Ring A bell

  • This client's favorite song is 'It's A Wonderful Life', sung by Louis Armstrong.
  • I had the walls hand painted with the words and music of this song. 
  • There is also a painting ( in  Mr. Armstrong's likeness ) bought in Paris just over the toilet, you can see it reflected in the Paris mirror over the sink. 
  • The bathroom door was later mirrored , so that it reflected the words and music.
  • This also helped the door to virtually disappear.
  • When you opened the door, the very song 'It's A Wonderful Life' , sung by Mr. Armstrong , would play.
  • The trumpets are are suspended via fishing wire from the ceiling.
  • And I have cable lighting on dimmers.
  • Click on picture to see all details, including words and music.
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