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Private Elevator Entrance

Private Entrance at The Palms in Ft. Lauderdale.
This small room was a very difficult shape.
I needed a specially shaped carpet. I designed this one.
The clients initial is in the center , when you exit the elevator , you will see the 'U'.

  • The walls have been hand painted.
  • They are also covered in the lyrics of some of Frank Sinatra's most popular songs. They are written in French.
  • The Client was an avid golfer, hence the vintage golf bag.
  • These elegant planters and the floral arrangements were needed to add 'importance'.
  • The doors that open to the apartment and face the elevator door, are mirrored with wood molding applied over the mirror.

  • There are Baci balls on the deco entrance chest.
  • The phone is from the 1920's - Paris France
  • The Mirror is French Art Deco , it was purchased by me in Paris, along with many other items for this project.
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