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Master Bedroom - At The Palms In Ft. Lauderdale

  • The ceiling is antique silvered & gold embossed wallpaper applied to the ceiling.
  • Carpet matches the lining of bedding- see turn back.
  • 3 tiny pendant light fixtures on dimmers provide light to read by while in bed.
  • Bed is a delicate iron -  shaped bamboo frame with an upholstered headboard and box spring to match. Upholstery is a small geometric check in emerald & black.
  • Canopy and bedding is a cafe silk Shantung.
  • Serpentine night stand/dresser is a custom piece from the design center made of darkest walnut, with details inside of each drawer for easier storage.
  • Serpentine mirror frame to mimic dresser, and in an antiqued silver finish.
  • Walls are an bottle green.
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